Help i lost my password

I'm genuinely surrounded by people who can't remember passwords, they have so many and have been told by anyone with half a clue to make the password complicated.
The trouble is that means they are hard to remember especially if you have 20 or 30 passwords. sounds a lot? well think about it, email, social media, file sharing, news reader, shopping sites, your probably at 2 by now aren't you? and thats without phone apps.

Stop cuts to funding for disabled and dyslexic students

David Willets, the Minister for Universities and Science, has announced the "modernisation" of the government grant for students with disabilities, the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA). The initial detail of this modernisation is a series of cuts in provision, placing the funding burden on Universities and individual students.

We believe that these cuts could:

· Reduce access to higher education for students with disabilities and dyslexia

Hard at work writing code

The ADO is working Hard to revamp the website and we will be adding new content slowly, but guess what! its a great opportunity to write an article about dyslexia! or record a video, audio, or get creative and submit your content us NOW

Adult Dyslexia Organisation on Disabled Student Allowances (DSA) Statement

Adult Dyslexia Organisation on Disabled Student Allowances (DSA) Statement
The Adult Dyslexia Organisation is extremely concerned about the Written Ministerial Statement by David Willetts, Minister for Universities and Science, on future changes to Disabled Students’ Allowances. The proposed changes will have a disproportionate impact on students with dyslexia and overlapping neurodiversity.

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