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Previously i've posted about Dyslexia friendly fonts and a browser extension called OpenDyslexic i know some people dont like that font so ive tried a few others on my chromebook if they are on your platform opera, firefox, windows or ios please let us know on Facebook so i can add that information.

The DSA Guidance for the 16/17 academic year is now available online.

This document is designed as a quick reference guide to highlight the key changes for students applying for DSA to Student Finance England (SFE) and contains references to the relevant policy information. As with the 15/16 academic year there are two versions of the guidance, one for continuing students and one for new students only. There are transitional protection rules in place which will help you determine which students are ‘new’ and which are ‘continuing’.

HE Student Support Seminar 2017

21-23 March 2017 De Vere Beaumont Estate, Burfield Rd, Old Windsor SL4 2JJ Book out your diary for 21-23 March 2017
Our annual seminar is designed for HEPs and SLC to explore the extensive insight and knowledge that we share. By doing so we will all enhance the student experience of the funding systems, and be better able to collaboratively deal with challenges and uncertainty.

Conferences At NADP

Conferences At NADP we run conferences to develop and learn about best practice; to discuss relevant themes and topics within the sector; provide networking opportunities; develop skills, knowledge and understanding; and provide advice and guidance.

We have numerous opportunities to sponsor our events including having a stall at our annual conference.

see full listings here National Association of Disability Practitioners Ltd

SuperReading Online Course

Dyslexia-friendly SuperReading is now available to readers with a good internet connection for a fraction of the price of a group course (25%), with a money back guarantee* You will become an excellent reader by ‘doing’, not listening (just like learning a musical instrument).

The course includes online videos, electronic practice and testing materials and emailed feedback with coaching to ensure you get the most from SuperReading. (This course also includes the Memory Room course).

Double your Reading Effectiveness** in as little as 4 days

Make dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia testing free: Government responded

Government responded saying Schools are required to identify the special educational needs of children including arranging for necessary tests. Conditions such as dyslexia may be diagnosed by clinical professionals.
Sign the petition here

Handle for Gmail Brings Your Email, To-Dos, and Calendar Together

Chrome/iOS: Handle is the productivity add-on that Google should have made. It seamlessly combines emails, to-do lists, and calendars to make Gmail your central productivity hub.
How to Turn Gmail Into Your Central Productivity Hub

Petition: Make dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia testing free on the NHS.

Petition: Make dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia testing free on the NHS.
This needs to be supported, because an assessment can cost up to £700. To get support in the workplace by the Department of Works in Pension under their Access to Work scheme, you need to have an assessment. The Adult Dyslexia Organisation is the UK's largest and most established user lead group with 25 years experience of successfully supporting and campaign for changes.
This is why we urge you to spread the word. post on social media email it to friends make a video and post it on our FB page

Dyslexia Myth - a medical endeavor that should begin with Pediatrician?

Given that Developmental Dyslexia and a Specific Learning Disability with Impairment in Reading are now accurately classified as "Neurodevelopmental Disorders", this helps highlight that they are of a medical origin and not caused by educational issues. Poor phonological awareness and the subsequent difficulty learning to read, despite adequate intelligence and opportunity, is most likely due to a genetic predisposition for learning difficulties.

PEAT - Partnership on Employment and Accessible Technology

Don't miss your chance to join the conversation! For today’s workers and job seekers, information and communication technologies are essential to getting a job and performing in the workplace. But numerous systemic barriers still prevent the development and adoption of technology that is accessible to many job applicants and employees with disabilities. As the next step in a series of stakeholder dialogues and listening sessions, the U.S.

How well is the Government upholding your Human Rights?

Call for evidence – the UK’s performance under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
This is your opportunity to have a say on disabled people's rights under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

How can you contribute?
If you are a disabled person or an organization led by disabled people we would like to invite you to submit evidence for inclusion in our report to the Committee via our online survey


Dyslexia: Learning Disability or Entrepreneurial Advantage?
Submitted by Elliot S. Weissbluth
I was first diagnosed with dyslexia as a child, and then again 20 years later as an adult law school student.
Dyslexia affects each individual a little differently, but generally creates difficulties for processing written language. It is often characterized as a “learning disability.”

ATEC showcases excellence in assistive technology

ATEC Conference 2016
Thursday 24th November 2016
8:30am - 5:15pm
Mercure Sheffield St Paul’s Hotel and Spa,
119 Norfolk St,
S1 2JE
ATEC showcases excellence in assistive technology that removes barriers to learning and work.
Aimed at disability professionals involved in post 16 education and the work place, ATEC is a one-day event that allows you to listen to and meet with experts, solution providers and other like-minded people.

Jobcentre Plus Flexible Support Fund

From April 2011 a number of schemes operated by Jobcentre Plus – including the Deprived Areas Fund, the Adviser Discretion Fund and the Travel to Interview Scheme – were abolished and replaced by the “Flexible Support Fund” (FSF). The FSF gives Jobcentre Plus Districts greater freedom to tailor back to work support to individual and local need.

Top 100 Most Diverse & Inclusive Organizations

Thomson Reuters Launches D&I Index – Reveals Top 100 Most Diverse & Inclusive Organizations Globally
First-of-its-kind D&I Index measures relative performance against multiple factors that define diverse and inclusive workplaces. The Matterhorn Group at Morgan Stanley is the first advisory team to use the D&I Index as an investment tool.


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